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[18 Nov 2004|06:58pm]

Moved journal to jellylike. I've added everyone active on my friends list; those who don't wish to be friended, um, don't friend me back, I guess. =\

just another screw-up

[17 Nov 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Y'know the Position of Responsibility thing I was blathering about about three days ago?

I didn't make it. ;-;

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[14 Nov 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Have been in state of general grr-ishness this whole day. Many apologies to people I snapped at; I am horribly short-tempered and in need of a good slapping. =\

I rather like the new Hoobastank songs. Have downloaded many of them and am now contemplating buying their CD. Gahh, but I don't want to spend any more money! I've already spent about $500 this month, somehow. I can't ask my parents for more either-- my spoilt brattishness finally rubbed off on my mom who for reason decided she loved me enough to buy me a new laptop. So I have this spiffy new thing which I love muchly, but argh, lack of bloody funds. Must learn to resist the call of food.

I was thinking... should I change my journal name? I've been stopping writing in Lj recently cuz, I dunno, for some reason my mind has gotten the idea that the only thing I should write in here is perky/random stuff, which... well frankly, I haven't been feeling much. I was thinking maybe I should just put spitfirez on Friends Only, but... meh, I dunno. I shall ponder.

I have an interview tomorrow for (what my school calls) a Position of Responsibility... basically, being in control of certain aspects of the lower school years. I was hoping to get year 8, but... bah. I'm scared there'll be too much pressure and I'll sorta break down or something. But it'll be worse if I don't get the 'job', and ugh and bah. I'm already in trouble again for not turning up to supervised study, like, all the time save for one. But SS is so dull! I have nothing to do there that I can't do in the cafeteria! GAHHHH.

So not looking forward to university. So not looking forward to having to find an actual job. *facepalms*

I WANNA GO OUT AND BUY COMIC BOOKS, DAMMIT! I wanna just skive off tomorrow, but gah, bloody interview. Maybe on Tuesday. =\

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W00TNESS!! [07 Nov 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Okay, y'know the really grr-ish post I made last time about ToK? We ended up getting an extension of a week (even after I spent two hours last week preparing, grr) to finish, and so I was all chilled out and stuff until yesterday when I heard that one of my group completely researched the wrong thing and hadn't gotten his speech planned out. (OMG. Our topic was Creationism vs. Evolution and we told him he was doing Creationism and he was a Christian priest thingie and blah blah blah and for some reason he thought we said he was a historian! Since when do priests lecture on history?) So what happened was that I asked my other teammate to do something, he blew up at me over his huge amounts of homework (right, like I don't have any either) and so I ended up doing the research for Creationism plus the speech, which I wrote out in full and was very strange as I normally just write notes for speeches. But I wrote the script like in a really fun, upbeat way. And we went into class and the Evolution part was okay but OMG, the Creationism part was so bad. When you read something, you should always read it upbeat and not sorta monotone, oui? Well that's what the idiot did. Anyway, I wrapped up everything and talked about theistic evolution (it's fascinating, really it is), answered all the questions the class had and then sat down. And almost tripped over a computer cord, but oh well.

I am so happy over my grade. A-. They got Cs. AHAHAHAHAHA. I am annoyed over the silly little 'minus' at the end of that A, but meh, it's fantastic for a first go. I got really high in comparison to other people. I am so glad.

Quickly deflated in Mandarin. LOL. And Maths is so dull. :(((

Will shut up now. CONGRATULATE ME NOW.

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[28 Oct 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Have any of you ever done the IB (International Baccalaureate) system in school? Better yet, have any of you ever done ToK (Theory of Knowledge)? Because I am completely stuck.

Okay. So, for ToK, I decided to take Biology first. Which is okay and cool and all, but my group's meant to give a presentation on it on Monday. The problem? ToK means it can't be just another normal presentation. You need to take the information and dissect it and talk about it from each and every angle. I watched a filming of a group's presentation from the last year on stem cell research, and was completely lost. The teacher was absent from our class twice, meaning we lost quite a bit of info, and I'm in a group with two boys and hey, it's not that I'm sexist or anything, but boys in my year are notorious for leaving stuff 'til last. Which is what the two boys are doing now.

Well okay, there's one who I know knows what he's doing. But the other one? I haven't a clue. Our topic is Evolution vs. Creationism. And I haven't even a fucking clue what I'm doing in it. I need to do something, or I'll go bloody insane. This whole thing feels out of control and I hate it.

Y'know what? If I get a low grade for this, I will cry. Seriously. I know it's impossible to get a high grade for a first ToK presentation, but I want to get something relatively good and not like a G or whatever fucking shit number it is with the IB system.

Gah. Hate IB so much. Expectations just suddenly fly up into space. I mean, going from the lower years to GCSE is easy; I barely even realized I was doing GCSE in year 10, seriously. But IB? Suddenly everything I'm doing isn't good enough, and all my reports are bad because they're not accurate or extended enough and my English essays are crap because they're not in passive voice and my Art isn't good because hey, the effort's there but frankly the skills bite, and my Mandarin has never been good so I might as well not complain. And no one else seems affected by this! What the hell. Everything I'm doing now will affect the grades I'll be getting later, so why slack off? We're meant to be doing a major English presentation sometime in December and we've barely started the texts we were meant to have started weeks ago, and while everyone's on Plath and Ted Hughes we've only just finished with Hedda Gabler and did a piddly little read-through of Plath's Daddy.

I just want to do my best. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

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[22 Oct 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I officially loff lojikle. Thank youuuu! *huggleglomps*

Went to the Peak for lunch. Had this buffet thing at Marche. T'was good, but the watermelon juice? Eurgh. I could've gotten better for $5. >.>;;

Anywho. Headed over with family to Kowloon City to pick out a pair of sunglasses to get 'fixed' for my visually challenged eyes. After an hour of picking (shut up, I'm female) we ambled out to snag a pair of new trainers (my old ones were about 2-3 years old. I almost cried when we threw them away later. Sentimental value, c'mon!). I managed to grab a pinkish-and-purple striped long-sleeve shirt on my way back, which I love muchly not only because it is stripy and I go mad over stripes, but also because, as Dallas has just pointed it, it has the same colors as the Cheshire Cat in Disney's Alice in Wonderland. W00tness.

Home was more boring. I sat beside my brother hoping for five minutes on the computer, and after getting it about a gazoodlian years later I went to drown myself in the shower, thereby wasting another hour of my time. I came out to eat a lovely homemade dinner of curry puffs (my mom makes the best curry puffs, seriously. Better than any I've ever had in Malaysia or Hong Kong) and, erm, a not-so-homemade Cookies'n'Cream ice-cream cake. Am now feeling rather euphoric and giggly and high.

Yeah, I know. It's a little perverse to be celebrating on the same day that most Hongkies are going to graves and paying respect to their relatives. But I turned 16 at exactly 3:05pm today.

Funny. I always thought I'd be smarter. Or more talented. Oh well. Insanity in basketfuls make up for it all. :D

Picspam again...Collapse )

... Laugh at my shorts and die. :P

Finally, I have one last irrelevant picture to post up. It is of my beloved friend _jaye_, who looks absolutely adorable, is in denial, and will probably want to decapitate me for putting the picture up here. Whateverthehey, at least I won't die young. :P

"Aren"t I teh spiffah?"Collapse )

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Sawasdee khaa! [18 Oct 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, so I got back from Thailand on Saturday night but I completely refused to update due to my insane urge to go out and glomp friends yesterday. My finger is rather sore due to me accidentally shoving a mechanical pencil into it, so if I start making insane typos, erm, sozzah. >.>

Thailand. Was. FANTASTIC!! It was just as great as last year, save with a couple differences (the main one of course being the fact that last year we worked our muscles sore while this year we worked our, erm, wallets? ;P). We stayed in a much nicer house than last year, in this sort of bungalow-ish thing with air-con and a freezer and, thank you God, a working telly with HBO. We had some issues with the other girls in our dorm due to them screeching about ants and stuff ("Good grief," quoth I, "last year was far worse. Chill dudes.") but all was good in the end. We did a lot less running around (and hiking! Thank God! The hike wasn't too bad last year, but I so would not want to repeat it. I hate hiking from the very pit of my stomach. We instead did a sort of photo trek, which was more like a gentle uphill walk up a tarmac road (some of the girls were actually complaining! Me and my friend couldn't stop scoffing in scorn) with a break every two minutes or so to take shots. We also painted umbrellas and murals on walls (I played with the kids, mainly. My Art teacher must think I'm so lazy. Oh well. I only painted for the last two GCSE projects anyway. TOO BAD), as well as did some meditation (fun. Seriously. I stress out far too easily here in HK, plus I was having some serious, erm depression-ish issues before I left to Thailand, so meh. Meditation'll help at some point, hopefully), canoeing (AWESOME DUDE), rafting, elephant riding (I sat on the head again. So cool)... what else? Oh, shopping, of course. I shopped so much. Bought so much crap.

See?Collapse )

Oh, and of course, we played tons of games and chatted up Thai people and erm, bought more stuff. And ate. I ate so much it freaked me out. (Before I went to Thailand, I could barely eat a thing. One cookie would fill me up for the entire day.) There was this one night I went to the bar and got a cheeseburger (which was like, HUGE), a big bowl of tom yam gung and a glass of pineapple blend. This dude named Hutchison was so nice and treated me to it all. I want to noogie him now, but he's so bloody tall and I'd probably be accused of flirting. (So annoying. Just a, "Yo, dude," is considered as 'flirting'. WTF.)

Speaking of the bar. I was so upset two nights ago cuz I didn't get a pic of the bartender. He was so nice! He would talk to me about tons of stuff, like how long he'd been working there and the pay and all that. I remember asking him if he had anything other than pineapple and watermelon to blend and he listed all these other fruits I didn't quite like, and so he suggested to blend them all together and he did and it was fantastic. He makes the most asstastic fruit blends, I swear. And he gave me discounts on drinks and stuff. And he denied me beer, which still irks me a little but meh. What, do I not look legal? I am to be 16 soon, which makes me legal for sex. I would rather get smashed than get sexed up, thank you very much. Let me swap my legal rights.


Picspam! Because my finger is killing me and I am a lazy snot!

And I pimpeth thou all.Collapse )

So yeah. Thailand was fantastic. I was a little sad on the plane, so I had two cups of Cola. Bad idea. People who know me well will know how fatal it is to allow me drink Cola.

So I got a little hyper on the plane.Collapse )

Anywho. Off the Thailand ramble, I went and took s'more shots last night while I was bored in bed. I was sick of my eyes, so I did my mouth instead.

Make it stop, make it stop!Collapse )

Anywho. Life has been wonderful. I loved Thailand so much, and am so sad that I'll never go back to the same place again. It was such a terrific experience and completely snapped me out of the horrific mood I was in before I left. THAILAND 2004 baybah!

Oh. And because I'm in such a good mood, here's an icon I stole off derryderrydown (who I hope doesn't find out and decide to kill me). It was so damned adorable that I couldn't resist.

Spread the love!

So. How's life been treating you people?

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*warbles* [08 Oct 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | warblish and stuff ]

It's CAS next week again. Guess where I'm going to?

That's right. Thailand. AGAIN.

*has mad, screaming fit*

Ahem. Anyway. :D Am actually quite looking forward to it now. I was all like, "eurgh" and stuff just a little earlier today, but meh, two funny people I know are going too. So it's all good. I was also a dork and drew up this little mural-ish design (we're doing painting this year... fantastic, just what I like, painting the walls of a place in a place hot enough to cook huge lumps of fat. And by that I mean me). It stars these Pacman-ish characters and vowels. Erm.

I am rather pleased with how Art's going. It's an awful lot of work, but Mr. Doherty keeps giving me all this, erm, positive reinforcement and positive regard (hoo HAH, and I do learn things in Psychology while half-asleep!) and so... yeah. It's fun. That, plus the fact that I couldn't resist this teensy little gloat at the fact that a good lot of the class are doing paintings and I was the only one crazy *cough*talented*cough* (*immodest little smile*) enough to sketch it from a photo to huge size. Hee.

lojikle, Semagic has just informed me that it is your birthday tomorrow. Why have you not told me, you silly thing? Now I can't send stuff and... erm, stuff. Buh.

Oh. And there was Buffy last night. The season finale. The one with adorable ickle Andrew and a very dead Tara. It was, erm, interestingCollapse )

And I'm going to Thailand tomorrow morning. Forgot to mention. So if any of you comment and I don't' respond, I'm not being all mean and stuff, I'm just being away. And yeah. >.>

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[21 Sep 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I really have been neglecting this journal far too much. I now have a grand total of three four journals: One Xanga (I know, the horror. The peer pressure ambushed me, I claim innocence!), one BlogDrive (which I heart), my Lj and an offline journal (in which I am pervy and disgusting and overwhelmingly happy and sad and everything that would scare everyone away if I wrote them down in online journals. Er).

I have no idea why I had to say that. I just felt like rambling. Pfft.

Anywho. Despite my previous whinings about the pure crappiness of the IB system, it's actually not half bad. Well, my subjects aren't anyway-- English is really interesting, Art is... well, a little daunting (we're meant to have a final product (I really must stop using DR terminology. Save me someone) by the 10th of October. Maybe I should shoot myself) and Psychology is fantastic. Everything on behaviorism and the learning perspective is a little dull right now (due to the fact that I've read most of the stuff in books before... I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging, because I'm not, and I barely remember the stuff I read before, but it's still previously covered ground and that makes it boring) but I am simply loving the classes on humanism. Today's homework was to, basically, go out, live, and be "spontaneous and child-like" (though not in the same words).

Dude. I've only been doing that, like, what, my whole life? XD (Well, I'm maybe not so spontaneous now. I mean, I'm an obsessively impulsive buyer a spendthrift, but that's about it. No recent mall/street prancing, unfortunately. =\)

As for my lowers... well. Mandarin is horrible, but the teacher's a teense bit better than the one I had last year, plus the fact that the people in my class seem to have a greater sense of humor, which is brilliant as I can completely screw up in roleplays and they'll just think I'm playing the fool. Um. Biology is good and awful at the same time, as I'm actually interested in Bio (actually, I'm a little more interested in Chem., but it's harder to understand so I didn't take it. Meh) but, gah, current project: Measuring stuff and presenting it prettily. Which really bites as we're meant to be marked on it, and really, I don't give a dog's ass about the size of a bloody plant cell. Maths is terrific; we do nothing, which would normally piss me off mightily but when all the other classes are struggling thorugh the workload... hee. It's nice to be able to kick back and gloat about it.

Today was relatively good. Woke up, felt dead up 'til my free period (because, dur, it's a free period. No classes equals happy Rachel). Went ice-skating after school; was meant to be looking after six kids of the ickler years but I completely lost half of them and wound up with three utterly lost ones instead, much to my amusement. Um. Oh, and on the ice I came to the terrifying discovery that, due to my hours and hours of roller-blading with my Aussie cousins in, er, Aussieland, I had completely forgotten that the Hongkie ice-skates had the jaggy bits at the front (as opposed to the back, where the roller-blade brakes are) and quite cheerfully PKed (erm... fell) within ten minutes of hopping onto the ice.

Mm. "Fell" isn't quite the right word. Maybe skidded. Yes, that's it. I tripped over the jagged bit of my ice-skate (singular, not plural; I only tripped over one), lost my battle against gravity and, fuelled by momentum and the fact that I am quite literally a fat blob, skidded right across the ice on my left thigh. Fortunately I was not harmed, considering that I a) was wearing jeans, b) have quite a considerable amount of fat on my legs, meaning that I cannot possibly be harmed due to the overwhelmingly large amount of cushioning and c) fall down quite often, and hence have gained the ability to fall in million different positions and situations and not be harmed.

Anywho. Was pestered by monseur (I cannot spell in French. LMAO. "Herr", then) Daniel, who then found it his duty to deliberately swerve around in front and close by my sides, to which I responded with a loud, "ARGHH GERROFF YOU BLOODY BUGGER." (No, kidding, it was more like me waving my arms like a maniac and screeching "Don't do this to me!!" while grinning like the bloody Joker on caffeine.)

An hour later I left the ice to safety and, erm, ate. (I'm actually feeling quite sick from having eaten so much right now, but meh, I can go stab myself later.) I actually had a try of genuine Godiva chocolate, which was fantastic (and so, so expensive). Also had a browse through PageOne for a copy of Gaiman's Stardust, but to no avail. (So, dui bu qi, Fraulein Monchichi. Ich bin rather useless at finding presents and stuff. You shall receive something at some point, have no fear.)

Urgh, I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. It's meant to be certificate evening-- basically, us dressing up yet again for this dippy night of them handing out our certs and offering cheese and crackers and fruit juice boxes. I shall be going with my mom, and hoping muchly that I shall not PK fall on the stage.

Jet is a very evil band. They suck out your soul. (Trans: They are rather good.) Curse Aussies and their bands of mass... erm. Gooduction. Oh whatever, bands of mass liposuction. Thingie. You know what I mean.

edit: A reply I got from some dude on my XangaCollapse )

Dear Lord. My eyes. I think my brain just melted. Guh.

Buh, I just hate it when you write something where you're upset and feeling down and some moron spams you with some shit about how they're happy and how you should be happy too. Good grief. Do these people not realize that not all people are alike and some do not find happiness in simple things like others? I mean, if it really were so simple a case as everyone picking themselves off their depressed fat asses and being happy, then why would there be people committing suicide and being depressed and whatnot? Honestly.

And... I dunno, maybe this is just me, but did her first sentence confuse any of you too? First she tells me to "get a life" then says "maybe it's really hard for you to be happy".

So... first she decides to be rude, then decides to argue on my side. Riiiight.

Eurgh, one thing that's really irritating me is the fact that I don't know her. I don't know anything about her save for that her name is "k4ty", she lives in California and writes really obscure Xanga entries. Really, I'm torn between taking her seriously and falling off the bed and laughing my ass off. Er.

I have English homework to do. On Hedda Gabler; specifically, the character of Jorgen (with an umlaut over the 'o') Tesman, who is quite possibly the most uninteresting person in the whole play. Ugh.

edit2: Have decided to take her seriously. Am writing her a polite (well, I hope it is anyway) response to basically tell her that I admire her perspectives on life and all but she should butt out of mine. Meh. ^_~ [/random]

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[01 Sep 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

School started today. T'wasn't bad, considering that I was chucking a mini panic attack/fit yesterday. Basically a lot of induction (we're having a whoooole induction week this week. Induction, pah, what an evil-sounding word)-- the whole "Welcome to Year 12!" thing, and "Are you sure you like your subject choices?" and "Buy our textbooks!" and stuff. (Oh, and "Quick, people, make a mad dash to your lockers!!" That was so not fun.)

It's actually kinda cool now. We get to wear casual clothes (which is, well, cool and not cool at the same time. I'm a totally slobby (hah, and I'm doing Higher English this year) dresser) and we actually have this place where we can microwave food.

Hot food for lunch! It's a miracle! :D

Anywho, I've finally decided on classes and stuff. Am taking Higher English, Psychology (whee. Have never done Psychology before. Am hoping it's good and not something I'll be regretting in the middle of the year. Pah, and I love History so much too) and Art (maybe I should switch to Graphic Design?), and am taking Standard Mandarin (dur), Biology (barf) and Maths (Studies, which I have finally decided on. T'was a tricky decision seeing as how my exam grades were good enough to put me into a higher class, but meh, Psychology, English, Art? I don't see myself ever pursuing a job where I need huge amounts of Math. ;P).

The issue I was having with Maths was whether to take Methods (which is like, a higher level, sorta) or Studies (which is apparently so very easy that I'll probably be immensely bored). I got a B for Maths which means that I can take it at a higher or lower level, but it seems a little pointless for me to have to struggle along with Maths Methods if I never need it. Thing about it though is that if I need to know some Maths in uni (I checked a few of the leaflets I have from the Aussie Education Festival; Maths is apparently needed on a lot of the Psychology bits), it'll be much easier for me considering that I'll have tackled most of the tricky stuff already. On the other hand, if I do Studies, I might be able to get a higher mark (the IB system goes on numbers, stupidly enough; you get a number for each class which is added up to give a total, which is what the universities go on. A 7 is the highest (an equivalent to an A, I guess) and a 1 is the lowest, although I seriously doubt that anyone living in an Asian country would dare slack off enough to get a 1) and therefore can get into a university easier, but then if I need to know more Maths then I need to go around wasting time in uni learning the crap that I didn't do in high school.

... Yes, it's quite confusing. I suck at explanations. ^^; But ah well, I've chosen the 'idiot' route, and hopefully it'll be okay for me.

In other news, I went out with meine familie yesterday and managed to get a hold of Sarah McLachlan's Mirrorball CD. (It's so good, but at the same time so bad. Why doesn't it say that it's a compilation of live performances? Not that I really mind in this case, seeing as how Sarah doesn't sing any crappier in concerts like the majority of the other people I listen to, but gah, the sound of the audience cheering and clapping really gets on my nerves.) I also (finally) managed to get my hands on a Muse CD. Hurray for HMV and its dippy 10th anniversary sales and stuff! (95 bucks man, that's really cheap in comparison to the other stuff they have!)

... I'm in love with Damien Rice's Lonelily.

edit: Heh. Regarding subjects, my brother's weirded out by the fact that I'm getting more and more stressed over Mandarin. (We're meant to be able to read newspapers! If I read so much as one paragraph I get a headache! *panics*) This is mainly due to the fact that I somehow managed to get an A* on the exam. But it's like... bah. As my parents keep saying, "Rachel, it's an exam for Westerners. You're Chinese. Of course you'll get an A*. It means nothing."

Ahaha. And them telling me that I'd probably get a C or something two weeks before the results arrived.

The Art results are quite depressing. B. I wanted an A. Pah. :(

Anyway. My brother is getting bitchier and bitchier. Amazingly, he's managed to surpass me in being completely PMSy. Difference is, of course, that I'm older and therefore have to shut up and start bottling when angry. My brother, being the younger one, feels he has the right to explode all over me.

Gah. It's pissing me off. My and my brother used to be close, and now I don't want to be anywhere near him. Why is it that I have to control my temper around everyone but he doesn't? What's worse is how he's always faking depression (how I know? Because I did a lot of that stuff when I was his age as well. You feel just a bit upset and you mistake it for depression, so you mope around and look sad and feel like the world's ending when all that's happening is that you're on a slight low and blowing it hugely out of proportion. C'mon, I'm the queen of lameness here) at home; it's so pathetic 'cuz hello, it's not like his life is bloody hard. He's getting a bigger allowance than I did at his age, he has tons of friends and is super-social (as opposed to me being completely terrified of other people), and, better yet, treats his friends like shit and somehow manages to keep them. For me? #1 girl rule: Never bitch with your friend. You can pretty much consider that friend gone. That friend, and quite possibly the rest of them if the friend's nasty enough to spread gossip about you.

And for some reason he thinks he can walk all over me. He snaps and bitches at me when he doesn't need me and when he's bored, he's all sugar and honey. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of it-- he's been acting this way the whole of my summer vacation. Seriously, if he keeps pushing me this way, one day I'm just going to end up completely losing it and not just screaming at him but I'll end up hitting him as well. He already sent me into fits of tears last night, the little bastard.

School starts for him tomorrow. I so don't want to have to walk with him to school. One hour of bloody hell. Brilliant.

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[25 Aug 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

A thank you letter to my English teacher, Mr. Langford-Smith...Collapse )

And, his response.Collapse )

I spot a million things wrong with his response, but meh, he was probably being careless. I can't believe he left the school! He was like, the coolest teacher ever!!

"I always knew you were talented no matter how much you tried to hide it from me." That part just made me giggle. It was a total joke between me and Willbe about eating M&Ms in class-- we sit right at the front and (quite literally) right under his nose, and we often bring food in and munch and he doesn't seem to mind. (In fact, there were many times where we brought gum into the class. Me and Willbe tried to be discreet, but Suzanne would blatantly chew on the stuff. He seemed to always be telling people like Nick to spit out gum and stuff but never cared about what we did.) We even said that we should buy a tube of M&Ms and fix them under the desk to a pump, and then when we got As on our homework we'd just give it one big pump and, voila, celebration chocolates for all!

... Or something like that. My memory's a little rusty.

Anyway. Yeah. Today was the best day ever! I went out to meet miki_anderson to treat her to a coffee (I owe her craploads of money, oi. @__@) and promptly proceeded to drag her all over Hong Kong. First I dragged her to the comic book shop in CBay (yes, again! I'm obsessive, 'kay?) and nabbed all this stuff. (Not Robin or Teen Titans unfortunately, but I did manage to get Nightwing and something-unimportant-that-I-don't-quite-recall. And I got all these back ishes of that Joker thingie where everyone was going all green and pasty! Yayness and stuff! Now I'll know why Match went all Joker-like!) We had plenty of time to spare after so I dragged her all the way to Mong Kok to search for manga. I found more PoT doujinshi, which I didn't buy (tricycle, you should so totally be living here! Gahhh), the second of Takahashi's Mermaid Forest (which I bought. Dur) and this other thingie by Kaori Yuki which I didn't really look at, but I was all like "OMG IT'S KAORI FREAKIN' YUKI!!" and bought anyway. (I do that a lot. I have no idea why. I see a name, BOOM, I gotta have it. I buy on impulse. ^^;)

So yeah. Now I'm really broke. I mean that, plus all the crap I bought yesterday (went on a shopping spree and treated myself to clothes)= me being very, very dead. Especially when my mom finds out how much I've spent, oi.

Ooh, but the stuff I bought yesterday. I've rambled on all other journals and so I must rant here. I bought: two boys' shirts (they're like those loose flappy huge ones that the basketballers wear, except that they don't have a basketball-ish design because... um, yeah), one "@" shirt (because I am a self-proclaimed dork), two string tops (which I will only be wearing under my boys' shirts, otherwise it'll be like OMG LOOK AT HER BOOBS AHAHA), two pairs of jeans and one pair of black trousers with a gazillion buckles on them. I love the buckles one; it's so freakin' cool, but the bad thing is it's way too small for me. (I'm like, monster-size in Hong Kong. Woe is me.)

So, yeah. It's tight against my skin and black and I refuse to wear it in the summer 'else I bake to death. I plan to wear it in the winter, where I can be all warm and "OMG my pants are falling off my ass" (it's one of those low-riding ones).

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[21 Aug 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Told my mom my grades. She tsked a lot.

My mom: "Two Bs. Tsk tsk tsk. Tsk. What happened. Tsk. English Language and you got a B. Tsk. English. B. Tsk."
Me: "Tsk your head." (Canto phrase.) "I got an A for Lit. Teacher says it's good. So it's good. Yes."
My mom:: "Aiya, but it's English."
Me: "Aiya, but I barely read now. I'm like... super-illiterate. My grammar and punctuation are blech." (I don't swear with my family. Don't ask.)
My mom: "Well, that's not my fault. I never told you not to read."
Me: "... But you still get annoyed when I buy a book. o_O"

Seriously! She thinks it's a waste of money. "Go to the library!" she says. But the nearest library is so... blech. The best books are the Asterix comic books and Dr. Seuss. And the best library is like... sooo far away? Rachel is a lazy bum.

Just listened to my Avril CD over. It totally reminded me of this conversation I'd been having with a friend earlier this year. Something about how there're artists whose stuff just gets you totally addicted (Goo Goo Dolls' Gutterflower CD, for example), how there're artists whose stuff just makes you want to throw the CD in the bin and scream (like, erm, Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis, I guess. I can't believe I actually liked one of her songs. o_O), and how there're some artists whose work is simply so horrible that you have to listen to the CD a couple times for the music to numb your brain enough to accept it.

You can guess which category I've shelved Avril into. ^_^;;

At any rate... Hong Kong's raining rather dismally right now, much to the irritation of a few of my friends. I personally am okay with all the rain and stuff right now (long as there's no school, rain is perfectly fine by me) save for the fact that when it rain, all the bugs come scampering. I found a huge cockroach running around near the computer last night and freaked out. I had to get my dad to help me get rid of it. I know, I know, it's totally stupid to be scared of bugs, but I just hate them so much. I can't stand the idea of them touching me, and I can't stand the idea of killing them because of the mess, and so the only way for me to get rid of them is to nab them in a cup and throw them out the door, but I've had this one instant where the bug leapt off the floor onto my arm and... well, think of me, running around and literally flapping my arms and screaming like a madwoman. It ain't pretty.

Am rambling now. Blah. I used to ramble so much in this journal. Wonder why I don't do it anymore. Blah.

*shuts up*

edit: tricycle dude, I haven't gotten your address yet and I'm gonna be sending off the manga tomorrow. Could you possibly send it tonight? It's opalgirlz @ hotmail. com (minus the spaces, dur) if you've forgotten. I need to be sending it off tomorrow 'cuz Hong Kong is stupid and hides its post offices in idiotic far-off places 'else I'll have to send it off, like, forever away from now.

Erm. Yes. Is all. *brain melts*

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GCSE results!! [20 Aug 2004|01:25am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Today. Is such. A perfect. Day.

Okay. First off, I met up with a friend of mine and went stalking around Causeway Bay. Got a huge bunch of comics (why is Teen Titans only up to ish #14? Sucks), and treated myself to a new pen, paper, folders (I love stationary, seriously) and Starbucks' Frappuccino (which I love so much. Have Starbucks coupons too, w00tw00t). So, I was in a pretty good mood when I came home, as I'm always in a good mood when I come home from shopping with this friend (it's the whole, 'talk about anything' deal). Scanned in a picture, fixed up a website, logged onto MSN, was thrown into a state of mad panic by everyone saying they had their GCSE grades on the net. So I found out that we needed a password to get in, and I was super pissed because I thought my parents had thrown it away. (They do that, seriously.) So I called my mom (who, funnily enough, is in Germany right now) to vent, and she said that she had my password locked up in a cupboard.


So I wait for my dad to come home, get the key off him, open the cupboard, log onto the site and see my grades.

This is what I've got so far.

English (Language). B
English Literature. A
Mathematics. B
Science. A
Technology. A

Technology: A?! OMGWTF! I am happy like you wouldn't believe. I mean, hello, am in the muchmuch hatingness of Technology here. It's no secret as to how much I hate the subject. I have literally whinged about it day after day after day.

But that's beside the point. Yes, I'm happy about it; I revised like hell for it because I was so scared that the final grade would be a C. But I got three As. And that makes me happier.

I'll explain. Earlier in the year, when I got my interim results, my dad made a deal with me. He said that, if I managed to get three As on my exams, he'd give me $10 000.

$10 000. That is a lot of cash. And I was so scared that I wouldn't get the As, because I wanted the money so badly and I didn't want to disappoint my parents.

And. I got it. I'm like in a state of shock. Shock and horror and joy. Everyone was saying I'd get it, and I was so sure I wouldn't, and I did. For Science and Tech.. I hate Tech., and I literally only studied for three days on Science. (THANK YOU WILLBE, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) I was so scared about English because I always fall short in the class tests, and I was so sure I'd be in tears but I'm not!

I haven't gotten my grades for History and Art yet. Those were the two I was depending on most for the As, so hopefully I'll be getting at least another one. (Deal with my mom comes in here. Any As after the first three gets a reward of $200. Yes, my parents are that desperate.) I haven't gotten my Mandarin grade either, but, heh, fat chance of me getting an A for that.

I'm just... ahh. I'm so deliriously happy. It's like I want to run around and scream and cry and hug everyone in my sight. I kinda can't, seeing as how it's, like, 1:30am, but GAHH I want to so bad.

*flies over to everyone's house and randomly runs around and screams and cries and hugs*

EEE. I feel so good and happy and girly and glowy and stuff.

I apologize to any of my school friends who're reading this. I realize that it sounds like I'm gloating. I'm sorry. Smack me when I get back to school, or something. I don't care. I'm just so happy and relieved.

GYAHHH. Am so tired now. Will go to bed and spazz out at my teddy bear.


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[09 Aug 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Baaaaack from vacaaaation! Did so much like you wouldn't believe. (My English has also gone out of the window, so 'scuse if I say something that makes no sense. I keep breaking into a Malaysian accent, wahh. ;-;)

So, um. Went to the Gold Coast for the first week. We stayed in this resort that was really not-that-great for a resort that considers itself to have excellent service. (The automataic door to the reception didn't work from the outside, so we had to jump around and shiver while waiting for someone to either open it from the inside or for the receptionist to return from her two hour toilet trip.) Erm... oh, and we visited all the theme parks, of course. Funnily enough, I went on so many roller coasters and wasn't scared by any of them, except for this Scooby Doo one in Movie World. (I honestly have no idea why, but it was terrifying, I swear.) I love the weather there; it's winter in Australia right now, so it was jsut a bit chilly but very sunny. Ooh, and the people were so nice as well! You can just walk along the street and some random stranger'll beam at you. Absolutely loved it there.

Went to Melbourne for the second. Urgh, didn't like it as much. The main reason for us going there was to visit our grandfather. It's kinda sad, actually-- they put him in this old people's home, where most of the people seem to have lost their minds. I mean, it's good, cuz he gets attention and all that, but he used to be the kind of character who scoffed at walking sticks and strode out all over the place in Hong Kong. (He also somehow manages to bargain things down to 1/3 of their original price. We went with him to the Jade Market once and he managed to buy this jade piece that he got down from $210 to $15.)

Sigh. Aside from him, Melbourne was so very dull. No theme parks, no fantastic shopping centers (though we visited K-Mart more than a few times)... just relatives, gray skies and creepy people who randomly walk up to you, grab your wrist and ask you to donate to the homeless. (I almost screamed when this old lady did it to me, I swear. You just don't do that sort of thing over here.)

Ohh, and it was so cold. I couldn't sleep the first night cuz my nose had gone completely ice cold. The next night my yi ma (my aunt on my mother's side) had to pull out electric blankets to keep us warm. The house was a bit weird as well; the toilet was in one room, and the basin, shower and bath were in the other. It's kinda strange for me to have to use the loo then go to another room to wash my hands.

Anyway. We met up with our cousins, one of which I haven't seen since I was five and the other of whom I've never met before. Adrian (the older one) made friends with Tris (my brother) immediately (them being the same age and all), which left me with Aaron. Not that I mind and all, but ugh, he's 7. I have no idea where he gets all that energy.

One fun thing we did was rollerblade. I like rollerblading. It's like ice-skating, but... safer? ^^;

Anywho, the week after, flew over to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to meet up with my other relatives. The first night was quite interesting; me and my brother had just spent eight hours with the chair in front of us pushed about 10cm form our faces, with these weirdos sitting in them who kept putting their hands behind their seats. (The guy in front of me almost gouged my eyes out once. I wanted to bite his hand off.) We met up with our goo ma (aunt on our father's side) and went to her house. Guess what? Just for that night, the electricity decided to go on the blink. We had to manouever ourselves around this HUGE two-storey house by candlelight. I took a cold shower and leapt into bed immediately and hoped I could sleep. (The air-con was out as well-- I absolutely can't sleep unless I feel at least partially cool, and Malaysia was boiling compared to Melbourne.)

The other days were better though. We went to KLCC, Midvalley, someplace in Damasara Utama (I love that name!)... Guess what for? Yep, books. XD Every time I come to Malaysia I just have to go book hunting. Unfortunately for my dad, I lost about 50 points of my IQ last year and thereby lost my ability to read a book properly (the text! So small! The mind boggles!) and hence managed to switch to manga. Ahaha. I must've managed to buy at least 21 mangas over there. (It's so worth it though! You can't possibly find those in Hong Kong, and plus, talk about cheap! RM34... that's about 64HKD, in comparison to 127HKD!)

Oh, and of course the food. One thing about the Gold Coast; there's no good Asian food there. Malaysia, mmm. I ate so much otak otak, waht dan hor fun and Hainan chicken rice (hoi nam gai fan).

One thing I didn't like though? The family dinner. We had a family dinner in Melbourne as well, but that was my mother's family. They're not the type of people who go "Wahh, Rachel, lei go joh ho dor ah (you've grown so much)! Rachel dee-yah, you really should look after your face lah; how else are you going to get a boyfriend? Aiyooo Ray-chel, don't eat so much lah, don't want to be fat right?" They just the kind of people who smile, shut up, and eat. My dad's family on the other hand? Bloody hell on a stick. I somehow managed to get sandwiched between Tristan and my cousin Mike (who happens to be twice my age and a very sociable person), which wouldn't have been so bad had it been for the fact that Mike not only likes to try and make me talk, but he likes to try and make me joke around as well. Halfway through the dinner I wanted to scream and run. (So not a sociable person, here.) It was made worse by the fact that my poh poh (my grandmother who only speaks Chinese) was sitting next to Tristan, who doesn't understand a word. (He's worse than me. Impossible, but true.) I had to keep leaning over and translating, while wondering why we didn't just switch places seeing as how Tris was far more sociable than me and I actually know enough Chinese to maintain a simple conversation. (I kept slipping Mandarin in with the Cantonese though. Moohaha.)

Anyway. That just about sums up my three week overseas vacation. Am madly in love with my manga (Arm of Kannon still kinda disturbs me, but Mao is just so adorable in the second book when he's all sprouting a wing out his arm thing. Am so glad that there's more of 'em... apparently, the Chinese version is Birth, and I'm sure I've seen it in a manga shop before) and so will go read now. Ta.

Oh, and before I forget! tricycle! I'll be getting round to sending you those two manga now... bet you thought I forgot! :P Am still needing to get to a post office, but I reckon I can definitely get them sent anytime within the next two weeks... hopefully. T___T;;

So, erm. Yeah.


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[15 Jul 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Watched Spider-Man 2 (since when was it Spider-Man? I always thought it was just one word. Spiderman. Like Batman and Superman. Super-Man? ^_~) with lojikle. T'was muchmuch fun (I got so lost before actually making it there. And no, WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!) but, ack, I don't know why the papers said S-Man was so great because to me, it wasn't. I mean, it was good, but there were some points that were so... gahh. Like Peter, who keeps speaking with '...' in the middle of his sentences ("I [dot dot dot]... don't... [enter irritatingly long pause]"). And the whole mask thing was ridiculous! I mean, it was mask on, mask off, mask on, mask off... why not just post a huge bloody billboard with his smiling mug and his mask in his hand with the caption "Oi, lookie, I'm Spider-Man!"

Don't get me started on some of the scenes. I mean, the part where Doc Ock brought Spider-Man to Osborn? I thought Osborn'd say he wanted Spider-Man on the floor, but nooo! Put him on the sofa! The nice, cushy sofa which you shall promptly ruin with Spider-Man's blood! (That, and the scene just screamed "RAPE ME, RAPE ME NOW!!") And the kiss scene! Gah! What's with all the kissing scenes? Okay, I'll admit, the kissing in Spider-Man 2 was perfectly justified... it's just... gah. Still can't get over the kiss in Van Helsing. The bastard killed your brother, yo!

Apart from that, it was quite a good movie. ^__^ So all I need to go see now is Harry Potter... which I doubt I'll be seeing any time soon. Bah, dunno, I'm just so very sick of Harry Potter now. If I go, I'll probably only go to see Grint.

Miaow. Nothing else to say, really. I'm wanting to start up a new webcomic, but I'm going off for three weeks starting tomorrow (more family time, woohoo. And yes, that was sarcasm) and, well, neither of my aunts really have the internet at their houses, so pooh to that. Plus, I really don't want to be hauling my sketchbook around everywhere-- I'm sure that if I leave it on a table everyone'll open it to have a look, and I just hate it when people touch my stuff without asking, especially my sketchbooks. ("Wahh, Rachel, these are quite good! But why you drawing just cartoons gehh? Make sure you channel yourself into advertising-- that brings you tons of income!")

So... yeah. That's about it. Life is so blissfully dull.

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[04 Jul 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So, yes. Went a tad bit mental yesterday after finding my hamster (Yes, the dead thing in my picture was a hamster. Say it was a chinchilla and I'll poke your eyes out with sticks) dead in its cage. Felt extremely guilty and upset and angry and pretty much bawled from 3 to 10pm. *coughs* Was also rather upset that all we did was put him in a plastic bag and chuck him in the bin like some broken down old toy. Composed self with Mom came home, she asked what happened with the hamster, I burst into tears and sobbed. I mentioned that I was incredibly upset about how we'd 'gotten rid' of him. She said I was right, we should give him a proper burial. So out we went to the trash can, dug out the plastic bag, and... Well, I wanted to bury him in soil, but we didn't have that, so we half-emptied this huge plastic box we used to keep the wood shavings in, put him in, covered him up, and... D'you guys know of that Chinese custom where they burn drawings of other items with the dead, eg. A paper car, 'Hell money', paper mobile phone, etc. so they can have it in the afterlife? We buried food, his water bottle and strawberry clay house.

So... yeah. Am feeling a bit less guilty now.

Nearly all the attachments that I got for my hair have gone. This amuses me muchly. I got these white hair streak attachment thingies put in my hair last week. I was just fighting (quite literally) with Tristan (my little brother) and he pretty much ripped them all out. Well, save for just one, so yayness for that. Am going to get my hair properly bleached next Tuesday.

Ugh. It's so hot here. Can't wait to go to Australia.

To other people. tricycle! I've sent off your doujinshi! E-mail me when you get it, else I'll freak out and think the postmen ate it! dallsin! When're you coming to Hong Kong? I wish to be ready at the airport with a stick! lojikle! When/are we going to watch Spider-Man 2? skysongz! Debbie, Sonia and I wish for you to return our stuff/the textbooks to school ASAP (the technicians claim that I haven't returned the exact right ones and I wanna know if you have mine so I don't hafta fork over $400). We plan to break into your house! dying_atheist! I love you and huggle you and say many many thanks! :D

... That's about it. Am going to have to start saving to try get Terry over to Hong Kong. Moo.

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[03 Jul 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | numb ]

... We were just going to take him to a vet today.


Damn it.

On Troy (and defective brothers). [29 Jun 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | GAHHHHHHHHH. ]

Saw this on shadow_omega's Lj, wanted to try it too.

What's Your One Piece Doujinshi Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

And, the analysis.Collapse )

... Ick. Why do people insist on thinking I'm 'cute'? Bleargh.

Anyway. [/random] Went out with friend Yan to watch Troy today. T'wasn't too bad, though some of the lines seemed rather... cheesy. (I could swear that one of the guys fighting on Troy's side died just a while earlier in the movie! He looks so much like King Menelaus. Me and Yan were like "OMG, why are you not dead?!") Was squicked by the huge amounts of blood and swords and erm... sticks spears. I kept ducking my head into this extra long-sleeved shirt I brought along. Oh, and tip for people who want to watch a violent movie with me? Don't groan and make "Gahhh" noises when someone gets speared. The whole 'splutch' noise already freaks me out; the whole "I am making the sound that people make when they see a gruesomely horrible scene on the screen" makes me want to scream and run to the exit sign.

Arghhhhh. My brother= such an irritating little idiot. He and my dad watched Helen of Troy and we were comparing the differences over dinner, and we got to Achilles, and he asked why Achilles could only be killed at the heel. So I told him what I remember of Achilles' mom dunking him into this immortal thingiemabob but forgetting to do his heel. So my brother asks, "So what if they shoot him in the eye? Doesn't he die?" to which I reply (quite sarcastically), "No, he doesn't. The arrow bounces off his eye, it being made of super springy jello and all." So then my brother, being my brother, starts excitedly asking me whether Achilles'd at least get hurt if hit in various other body areas, such as his neck, his privates, and his butt. (What on earth. It's not like the idiot's going to shake his arse at the enemy to shoot at, right?) I told him that while I wasn't not so sure about his neck, I was pretty certain that chucking a spear at a man's privates would almost definitely cause him quite a bit of pain.

"So then why didn't they just shoot him there?" my brother asks.

Asdjktgbnkdfjgbdfjkg. *grinds teeth*

"Well," I say with extreme patience, "think about it. They were all about their honor. Would it be honorable if the Trojans just fired arrow after arrow at the Spartans' privates? That, and keeping in mind that they probably did use shields."

"T'ain't honorable," grins me brother, "but it's effective!" And then he bursts into hyena-like laughter and can't stop laughing and I hafta prod him and gnaw on his head to get him to shut up.

Euuuuurgh. I need a new brother.

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The klutz awards. [28 Jun 2004|09:21pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

My brother's watching the second Superman movie outside. I can't help but giggle.

Superman: No! Teh peepol! >:O
Non and Ursa: Moohaha! We throw bus at j00! XD
Crowd: ... They killed Superman!! :O!!

Sigh. Methinks these superheroes have their priorities seriously misplaced. Yes, Superman has to save the busload of people, but look at it this way. You catch the bus, you get smushed, the villains get to run amok and huff and puff and blow the town down. You ignore the bus, you kill the villains, voila! End of problem!

Although I gotta admit, the whole crystal palace thing is rather lovely. ^__^

Anywho, am rather hyper at the moment. The day started out terribly-- I woke up at 10 after going to sleep at 4, and trudged to school to see if the fuhhhhhh-- Science techs had my Science textbooks yet. They said no, they hadn't, and moohaha don't I suck for now I can't get my $500 deposit back 'cuz they're utter asswipes. So I was pissed. (It's so unfair, I swear. I return a Physics book that isn't mine, and because it doesn't have my code on it they're gonna charge me for it. And my Chem book? I was told earlier in the year that one of my teachers had it. I asked him about it, and he was all blank and "Huhwuhtuhfuh?" So very, very frustrated. Stupid teachers. Die die die.) Dragged my hugeass art paintings down to Debbie's (who kindly agreed to help me keep them until next year), then realized I'd left my sketchbooks up at school. Went back up. Asked about books again. No, they didn't have them. Damn. Went down to Spaghetti House with Alice for lunch. Bitched like hell. Followed Alice to her house.

Then, the fun began.

First, we went cycling. Well, attempted to. Her other bike had flat tyres, so we had to drag it to the petrol station. The gas pumps were down for maintenance, so we had to drag it back. She brought out her other bike, which is really freakin' heavy. She cycled on it for a while, then we found out the brakes were screwy and jammed. So we had to push it back and abandom the idea of cycling. Then, we thought "Hell, let's go to the mall!" So away we walked to the mall. She got an ice-cream and cola, and I got this lovely mango jelly drink that I slurped on the way back. Had a few mishaps, mainly consisting of us nattering non-stop and almost getting run over by various speeding cars. (Because, y'know, in Hong Kong, if it's not a speeding car, it's not a car. Or, the driver's not a Hongkie.) She also bought these cheapish badminton racquets and shuttlecocks (Gahstupidword. It's so freakin' long. I'd write just 'cock', but that in context would sound so, so wrong.) Toddled (well, she toddled. I waddled. It's freakin' hot over here, honestly. Time to spread the legs and arms and waddle/star jump along, 'cuz the sweat just loves to pool in the icky places) back to her house, and played a bit of badminton. T'was fun, for both she and I are competetive players, and I turn into an utter ditz when it comes to hitting things with sticks. (This being in opposition to a group of girls in our PE class, who count the success of their games on how many times they could relay it back and forth. Us? We run around the court completely whacking the life out of that shuttlecock (See? 'Cock'= so many levels of bad). The game was actually going well, until I backhanded the shuttlecock up over the wall and into a palm tree facing the swimming pool.


So we bring out another shuttlecock, me apologizing like crazy. She serves, I hit. She hits back, I hit back, she gets me on my backhand again, and whoops, there it goes into the tree.

I almost died. I mean, we'd only just taken the new shuttlecock out. That, and I pretty much lodged the both of them up the same tree.

So, giggling like a right idiot (me, I mean. She's not the giggling type), we went back to her house and bathed in the aircon. I decided to change shirts, so I grabbed mine off the table. This, of course, caused her little miniature sword and stand to come toppling down. (Funnily enough, the stand landed on all fours.) Me= Oops. I changed shirts, then grabbed this little soft toy ball she had. We tossed it around a little, then I started chucking it against the wall and catching it. She warned me not to hit it against the light, otherwise I might break it. I responded with an indignant, "Oh c'mon, I'm not that klutzy!", upon which I tried to catch the ball with one hand and somehow managed to backhand it into her face.

We both quickly decided that I should leave before I actually killed her. So I hopped onto the bus. And then I realized I'd left all my rings and necklace at her house. So I went frantic trying to call her, but I couldn't get any reception. Then suddenly she comes racing down the stairs and hands me all the stuff. So, whee.

*grin* In short, today ended up to be an excellent day. I lost two shuttlecocks, thwacking them simultaneously into trees with deadly accuracy, and almost whacked my friend's eye out.

Must go tickle my brother now. He's so cute and ickle and wriggly. Like a pudgy, non-slimy worm. Who likes biting my shoulder. :D

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[18 Jun 2004|10:00pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Went to see Linkin Park yesterday with miki_anderson! T'was so good. I actually knew most of the songs (I was kinda blank with about 60% of the Korn songs. Mehehe) so I could sing along. (Although, truth be told, I couldn't tell whether I was singing or not. The crowd was so noisy that I couldn't hear myself and was wondering if I'd lost my voice.)

Today! Went to the manga shop to see if there was any new Saiyuki, DNAngel or Lagoon Engine out. No such luck, but I found another manga by Kazuya Minekura (the artist of Saiyuki), which was quite good. It's something about 3v3 teams playing this game for a million bucks. Will attempt to read it later tonight. Got a Lionel Richie album for my dad's Father's Day present, then nipped to Festival Walk to have a look at books. Was bitterly disappointed when I found out that PageOne was refusing to stock the Sandman's first book (Preludes and Nocturnes, I think it was), but was cheered up by the fact that they still did have book three out somewhere. Toddled around and bought cheesecake and ice-cream for the parentals. I'm rather sick of them being pissed off at me; hopefully, the food'll be good enough to bring us to a temporary truce.

How old're people meant to be to get credit cards again? Must find out how payment over the internet works. First thing I'm gonna do when/if I get a credit card/enough to create myself a Paypal account, is start taking up Japanese lessons and buying doujinshi. I mean, this has gotta be the cutest Goku I've ever seen in a Saiyuki doujinshi. And there are so many DBZ doujinshi(s?) that I'd like to get. Ooh, and of course, ordering stuff over Amazon. They have back issues of everything!

I have a sudden interest in sewing. Which is strange, considering that I (literally) can't sew. I feel like making a doll though. All I need to find is fabric, stuffing, needles, thread, and tons of band-aids. ^_~

Ah well. Off to attempt to make another layout. (*can't HTML*) Wish me luck. :P

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